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Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Speech: Dad Jokes

 Have you ever heard a joke your dad told you that really just was not funny? I'm sure 99.9%  of you have. 

If you have heard one, you will know what it is like...…. Annoying…. So right now I am going to tell you some of the jokes that are NOT funny and ways to solve them.

So number one “Dad can I PLEASE get one of the newest iPhones out?” I say in a whiny voice.
“sure” dad says yay I think to myself I will have to tell mum. Then dad says “Well when you're 21” oh why dad  I think to myself I am so annoyed…… ……. but the way to solve it i need to tell you that. Just go “ok” easy as pie just go with it. ……….. But make sure when you are 21 you remind your dad.

So that is only one of them. Dad jokes are awful but I can't believe that he finds then funny haha. Ok so that is the joke and how to solve it. On to number two.

 I call it .. hungry. So I say “DAD I'm hungry” “oh hello hungry nice to meet you hahahahaha…….. ok ok ok I think and I get so annoyed again. Agh I just hate it I am sooooooo embarrassed because he got me AGAIN why why why. But there is a way to solve it “dad are you hungry?” I ask if yes say oh hi hungry I have changed my name back to Ruby.” Then might get annoyed if he is not hungry then just say “oh hi hungry.” Just do. the same and then you will annoy him.

Well I don't even know why people call them jokes. Because they are not even jokes they are….. umm…. let's just go with not a joke.

I surveyed my friends and they ALL said that they they did NOT like them so I'm guessing you all hate them too. So now on to joke number three.

"Dad, can I be a superhero?" 
I say 
"Why?" He says
"Because I like superheroes." 
"Maybe, in your dream. Hahahaha!" 
"Wow. Dad. Just, wow."

Ok so I am nearly getting to the end but a couple more so number four.

Dad and I are in the spa just chilling then dad goes “wow Ruby look at that” then i look “ ha ha made you look made you stare made you lose your underwear. Hah ah ha ha ha ha ha

that was all of my jokes. 

So when your dad does a joke to you, just follow my advice. And just pretend he is not doing it. 

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