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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Stuck on the super boal

Lila and I are going around and around on the…  wait, maybe I should start with the beginning. So it all started in Hanmer springs,  we were lining up to go on the super bowl. It was only my second time and my first time with Lila. So when it is our turn we climb up the big long steps. Lila is talking. We finally get up there and wait for the light to go green. I am shaking my heart out. When the light turns green, Lila pushes the raft into the slide and off we go. It went really fast and then it got slower and then faster, I see the sunlight as I turned the corner. I could see the blue and yellow super bowl. WOOSH!!!!! We’re spinning around the super bowl having heaps of fun we went round like 3 or 4 times and then this is what happens. We get towards the slide that leads us to the bottom.

“We are nearly there,” I say.
 We get to the slide and the we get stuck, sadly, I didn't know what to do. I was not focusing on getting stuck and getting our way down,  I was focused on the slide to get into the super bowl. I was thinking if someone might come down because the light went too early and then they could crash into us. Then I quickly said to Lila “PUSH!”
Lila starts to push, I just relax and try and be calm. Lila says “Push, Ruby this light could go green any second now.”
I say “Sorry.” A couple of minutes later I yelled over all of the crashing water “Lila you missed the hole!”

Lila pushes faster and faster then, so then we got out of our raft and pushed. We got back in and off we go down the slide backwards.
 “Wow that was a weird ride!” I shouted over the noise.  Lila agrees. We go to a warm, warm spa, sit down and relax.

My self assessment:

I was learning to do different types of punctuation, I think I used quite a lot and did that well.  I think I was multistructural because I still needed help with where to put the different types of punctuation but I think I did a bit better than before.

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