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Wednesday, 14 June 2017

Wainui camp

It was a cold day at Wainui camp and my activity group were doing archery. I only just got to wainui I felt proud because I hit a colour for my first time, I think I aimed really well. I wondered next time am I going to hit a colour? “Next!” Ollie yelled. Ollie is the archery guy who was running our group. I went up there I picked up my bow and attached my arrow to it and 3,2,1 I shot. I hit another colour “Yay!”

But proud wasn't the only feeling I had, I was also worried. So my worry fear all started when it was lights out, we were all talking and then awkward silence. Was I the only one awake? Then Ruby  popped her head out of her bed and said “That's good, I'm not the only one awake.”
Then Lila woke up. This is going all wrong I thought to myself. Lila got out of bed “What are you doing?” I whispered.
“Come,” Lila whispered back. I went outside and followed her for some reason we were going to the toilet.
“Oh no I just realised one cabin are having a party or something at 11.00.” I say to Lila.
“Oh yeah.” I look on my watch it is 12.58 I walk out of the toilets when I have finished and all of these boy come rushing out of their cabins “Well it looks like the party has started,” Lila says. We walk back and get into bed.

Later on

Oh no people are ding dong ditching I think to myself. Suddenly every body wakes up what was that they all say well every body apart from Matilda wakes up. “Matilda is a deep sleeper,” someone in my cabin said. I felt really worried but again worried wasn't my only feeling I had another feeling and that was…

Tired. Well I was tired because the first night it was like chat chat chat chat chat. I am trying to get to sleep. “It is too light turn the torch off,” someone in my cabin said. “It is to light.” So she turned the torch off.
“Please turn the torch back on it is pitch black and I don't like it.” I said. I started to cry and then I was awake most of the night and then I got like 4 or 5 hours sleep in pitch black darkness. It was like torture.

By Ruby McCombie

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  1. Hi Ruby its beth. I miss you so much and it seems like camp this year was a little bit crazy. I love the way that you describe what camp was like i got a clear picture in my head. When i went to Wainui there was people who ding dong ditched on the first night. I didn't like the first night at all because i didn't get much sleep just like you. Keep up your good work Ruby.