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Monday, 29 May 2017

Science journal week 3

Week 3 rocket balloons with paper
Week 3: drag

Today we made rocket balloons, but we Sellotaped paper on because we wanted to we wanted to see what paper would do.  It worked really well so then we put the paper on different spots on the balloon. We found out when you put paper on the front of the balloon it doesn't always go well. We also tested it with the class and we did 5 trials and the balloon did not go that far. Well on some of them they went far but not that far only to the middle of the string. I think the balloon got heavier when the paper was on it. It also didn't work with a bigger and fatter balloon because when you blow it up it gets bigger and then you let the air out it does that. I did this experiment a lot of times to see what it would do differently. The force on the balloon is sometimes good and sometimes bad. Force is something that pushes or holds something for example force is holding us down on earth, space does not have force or maybe some force.  My data gathering is multistructural because I know how to do it but I do need a little bit of help.

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