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Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Social Science reflection

At the start of the term I didn't know much about my school leadership roles. So on the solo rubric I would have put myself as multicultural, because I knew most things but not the most important things. I asked some people and they told me the answer. 

 Now my learning about being a responsible citizen is relational, because I know all of the things about a responsible citizen. My school leadership roles or other things:
Road patrol To keep the little kids safe from crossing the road
Librarian To encourage kids to read
Radio DJ To keep all of the school updates available 
Picking up rubbish To keep the school and environment and the World tidy!
Wet day monitor To play with the little kids so then the teachers can have their lunch and morning tea.

 I did an iMovie with Lily-Grace on responsible pet ownership for chickens. I did it about chickens because that is not a popular pet to do it about because lots and lots of people were doing cats and dogs because they are the most common animals to have.

Overall my project that I did is really good because we showed it to a class and they said it was really good.

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