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Sunday, 2 April 2017

Responsible citizens

Are you a responsible citizen? A responsible citizen treats the world nicely. They pick up rubbish and look after people. The police is a responsible citizen, so is a firefighter and people who work at the ambulance station. They follow rules and the laws. I think we should start by caring for others more, so than when people get upset there will be someone there for them. And won't just care for others they will also care for the animals, environment and property.

 A responsible citizen also picks up rubbish, when they see some. Not just step over it. And then the world would be clean and tidy, not so full of rubbish. Another way to help an environment is when you are at school.  You should ask your teacher for a plastic bag and some gloves and then you ask if you can go and pick up some rubbish, then your school would be tidy. And also feel free to do that at a park or your street, then our whole environment would be tidy.

It is also important to be trustworthy. Trustworthy is when you need to be trusted.  For example you ask you teacher to work by the library, but you start running around and yelling.  then your teacher comes to tell you that they are in a maths group. she sees you running around, then you are not trusted any more. So that is why you need to be trustworthy.

I think my grandad and my Aunty are responsible citizens because they help people because they work at St John and help people that are hurt.

Overall if you do all of these things then you will be a responsible citizen because then you are helping the world more. Also because then we won't be walking in rubbish finding plastic bags in the sea or having lots and lots of accidents. So that is why you need to treat the would nicely.

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