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Thursday, 23 March 2017

Going hard out at tough kids

Even though it was a extremely foggy cold morning, I still wanted  to go to tough kids. I got up and got ready in my old clothes, I knew they were going to get muddy. Mum drove me to school. I was shivering with excitement, when we got to the tough kids stadium. Then we had to wait, and wait, for the information. We had to wait for our turn, and that took nearly forever.  And then finally it was the year three’s turn. I started to get nervous but excited at the same time. We warmed up, then ready set GO! All of the year three’s ran. I sprinted to the obstacles and through sticky mud. The mudder I got, the better I was going. “Come on Ruby you can do this,” I said to myself. I went hard out. Then when we finished we had to get sprayed by a hose by somebody,- it was freezing cold. I felt proud of myself because I did the challenge even when my friends ran past me.

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