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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Hide and seek.

“1 2 3…”
The teachers count to 100.
My feet race as fast as they can to get to my hiding spot.
I finally found one in the bush. 
 I go in there and the leaves surround me 
like a tornado building up on me. 
Don't talk don't move don't Even breath.
98 99 100!”
 The teachers yell’ “COMING!”
Oh no 
curl up small so they can't see you.

I can see people going back to where we have to meet 
near the playground so the teachers are not near us.

I can hear Mrs. Pageot yelling to Mrs Bentall.
The teachers chatter to each other. 
Footsteps crunch on the stones towards me.

I can't move because the teachers say “I found you in the flax bush.”  
I am next to the flax bush.
I know I can't move.
The teachers are right next to me.

 The branches poke  into me. 
FOUND YOU my teacher yells. 

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