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Thursday, 7 July 2016

The tallest tree

I clipped my safety gear on with nerves. I was thinking ‘Is this harness on right? Did I pick the right helmet? I was shivering in the cold weather. I was shaking. “Ok,” said the teacher. “Let’s see a demonstration. Who wants to demonstrate?” 

Everyone shot their hand up but she didn't chose me. When the person got to the top the instructor said “What is your favourite food?” But he didn't know so then she asked his favourite animal. He said Cheetah  so when we needed to go down we have to shout out cheetah. Once we all got the information, we had to go to section  of the tree we wanted to climb. 

There was an easy climb, medium climb and a hard climb all on one tree. But there was a really hard climb on another tree.   The teacher said we can't go on hard tree until we got the hang of it.  I went on the medium tree. 

It was my turn to  climb. I was shaking with fear in the cold.  Ok I go up to the tree, I finished the ladder and off I go up the tree. I reached as high as I could and yelled out cheetah. I had a lot of fun coming down it was just like relaxing and lined up again. I loved tree climbing.

By Ruby 

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