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Thursday, 7 July 2016


Imagine if you were from a different place. How would you get on would it be different? At lunch time would you sit on the seats that you might of sat on at your old school? Or would you have to sit on the cold damp concrete, where are the tables? You might be thinking people are talking about you. You would start to eat you lunch, when a couple of minutes later, the bell rings.. ding dong ding dong. Some people start to go and some people put their hands up. You don't know what to do, so you put your hand up and then the teacher comes up to you. You are so shy and she says you can go.  You go to your bag, but what happens next? You go to the playground and start playing um do I walk across this do I swing over this ? Everything is so confusing. 

New Zealand has a hidden problem. Many people are coming from different countries and are feeling not welcome because of prejudice.  Prejudice is a mean thing when you judge the differences about something. For example someone could say:  “Oh you are so tall you must play basketball”, or “oh you have got a different colour skin you must be mean I  don't want to play with you .” You can make people feel bad because they like themselves as a person and their parents like them as a person.  It can make them feel
Unwelcome to places 
And they don't want them to be your friend.
I have felt prejudice before about my size. I got over by saying “Yes I am small and soon you will get over it,  like me.”

What can we improve on 
I think everyone needs to be more careful about the words they use. Prejudice is when you have a mean  opinion and then you say it out loud in front of the person from the different country. These are some ways that you can pre-judge people. 
Your parents
How much money you have
Class - ism
Elite - ism
Age- ism 
how you talk
The way someone looks

You  shouldn't pre-judge people because they can feel upset. They are no different. Just because their skin might be a different colour  - it doesn't mean they are different. 

Our class interviewed an immigrant from Iran and I will tell you a couple of stories about prejudice she has had in her life.   So the first story is when she was having lunch at her new school when she was little and a boy walked up to her and said “Where are you from?” and she replied “ Iran” and then he said back to her “ So you have a bomb in your lunch box? Are we going to die?” and walked away. And that made her feel sad and and unwelcome to school.

Another thing that happened to her when  she was waitressing,  a person said “ Where are you from?“  and she said “Iran” and then they didn't say anything.  All they did was look down at their food and ignored her. And of course that made her feel sad just because she is from Iran it doesn't mean she is a bad person. So that is another example of prejudice. 

I wouldn't do it because they could 
Do it back 
Get upset and tell the teacher and go to the principal
Our class has been interviewing people from different countries because we are learning about migrants. We found out that people were happy when people do nice things to them here are some of the ways that makes them feel welcome
Making a conversation 
Invite them to something 
Host a welcome party 
Here is an example from our interview with Mr A.  “As an immigrant I can say that kiwis are doing a really good job of being warm and welcoming in New Zealand society. It's not simply a one way street and a migrant should really be asking ‘How can I serve New Zealand?’” 

Migrants think New Zealand is really good at welcoming migrants because they
Say hello to them.
Welcome them.
Say “ do you want to come for a coffee or tea”.
Help them settle in there house.
Give them a tour of the place you are in. 
Doing these things can make them feel welcome.    

Some future tips we could use! 
We can include people by just talking to them (it doesn't matter who you talk to). Then you could get along and make more friends as you go.  It is important that we change how we treat others because then we can include others because then we will all be happy. Overall we know how to treat migrants nicely in our community.

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