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Tuesday, 7 June 2016

The mountain bike

It was very cold weather. I was trying to get over it but I was going mountain biking. I was shivering. “This is how to put the safety gear on,” said the instructor April. “Ok now it is time to put the helmet on. Make sure you get the right size. The sizes are small, medium and large.” Finally we were given a bike. I got the small bike which is fine for me. Then it came to practice time. We rode around in a circle until I got the hang of it. I was still cold though,  but I was sure I would  get over it. So we went to the track. 

There was nothing to worry about because it started easy. It was fun until the track became scattered with roots. So I had to steer the bike because I didn't want to trip,  so I asked Beth “Do you think the tracks are getting harder?”  She said “Yes. And I think I just heard the instructor  say there is going to be hills soon so be careful.”  I shook with fear  I said to myself ok, I hope this goes well. So I start biking again. But a huge hill was ahead up so I had to walk down it. Well not particularly  have to, I just want to.  So I walk down the hill. And off I go again. After a while we finally finish.  Well not yet. “One more hill,” said the instructor.

Often I walk down the hills and Beth does too. We come to a B.M.X  track and everybody goes on it. I had one go on it and it wasn't too bad. I sat in the sun with Soraya and Beth. Until we had to bike back which  is the most toughest thing because, remember all those hills we went down? We have to go up them now. I said to myself this is going to be really hard and I was nervous to do it. So I start biking - it is like I am in a big challenge. The track looks straight but is actually not.  It is uphill so I put all my pressure on the pedals using my legs. Suzy the camp parent said “This is really hard,” and of course I agreed. So we biked together. I caught up with Beth and we started chatting. Beth said to me “Did you have fun? Did you go on the B.M.X track?” And all the answers were yes. 


My reflection 
In this piece of writing I was learning to show emotions, use full stops and appeal to the senses. When I learnt how to do it it was challenging but I worked really hard and tried my best to put full stops and capital letters in. And I got there. It went really great because I used punctuation and most times I forget to use punctuation and stuff so I am really happy that I have learnt to do that in writing, so now it makes sense. And on the rubric I mark my writing multi structural because I tried my best. 

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  1. Great work Ruby. This is a really good recount and we like how you have used lots of descriptive language! Love Mum & Dad xx