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Thursday, 14 April 2016

My arts reflection

was learning about the elements of music, to make music like body percussion. We made a sound scape of our own music which represented our poem. We had to have a beat and a rhythm.

My music is connected to my soundscape because it is all about music the soundscape is connected because it is about our topic at the start of term 1  I achieved my goal very well and made my soundscape using the elements of music of tone colour, beat, rhythm and pitch and some other ones.

Overall I think it is good,  I put a lot of work into it. I think the quality is very good, I think my work is relational because I have never done some of the things before. For example I have never turned a picture into an Andy Warhol style before. 

Here is my art work I did for this term

Here is the link to my soundscape

This is my poem I was making a soundscape about.

Where does my heart lie?

Where the cabbage tree
in the breeze
waves a greeting at me.

Where the Te Kouka
is dances to me
in the shady breeze.

Where  the the flowers
on the grass
do the hoola.

Where the fish swish in the pond 
showing me their tricks 
in the water.

I feel like I'm at home here.

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